• Hello Jef,

      I think the best way to gain interested readers is by monitoring your posts stats. Try to monitor which post is doing well then create more of that content. If people enjoy a particular type of content. That means they will always come back for more of it and share.

  1. Hey babe! To start off with, welldone in all you do. All the tips and business related blog posts. Due to my busy schedule, I barely have time for myself and the blog and I’m alws too tired to learn things or I just don’t understand when I do. Thins like SEO iv been wanting to learn how to. I think I read your post one time on it but I still wasn’t able to do it. My blogging platform is Blogger so I was wondering if you could shed more light on the SEO as I’m aware that it can drive more traffic to you blog. Don’t want to slack in 2018 need your help on how to drive more traffic to my blog using SEO and some other tips you can give. Thank you and looking forward to your reply! Cheers!

    • Hello dearie,

      Thank you so much, I really appreciate. I can only imagine how busy you are. I see all your hospital runs. Girl, you are a superwoman.
      SEO is a long-term ritual in blogging. One major thing that is very important is using the relevant keyword in your niche which should strategically be included in your post: In your title, header, post body and picture. Also, try to include an inbound and outbound link. Google trend can also help you with words, trends and posts popular in your particular location.
      Apart from SEO, other ways to boost your traffic is a cross-platform promotion. Promoting your post on several platforms. If you promote one particular post differently on each platform that would be great as your readers will mostly see it as a fresh content. Again, all these demands time but achievable.

      Let me know if that made things a bit clearer.

    • Hello Fartun,

      I would say the best way to stay motivated is by appreciating every moment. Don’t take anything for granted. Embrace every comment or like as if it’s your first. Also, read, read, read. The more you read about things happening in your blog niche, the more you have to share which will translate into more articles. Read articles, magazines, books, watch videos etc….. You need to keep feeding art to stay on top of your game. Trust me, it works.

  2. Hello Maryam, Merry Christmas by d way.☺
    I have been trying to create a cute form for my email list. I use MailChimp but I can’t seem to come up wid a good one. Can u help with that??

    • Hello Sylvia,

      Merry Christmas to you too.

      You can go on the canva.com website. They have several email form designs which can give you some inspiration or rather surf on Pinterest. I hope that helps. Let me know if it does…

  3. hello maryam,please i run the naijathriftslayer page on ig and presently working on a blogsite because i now know what most people following are interested in but i am confused on how to mix it with personal content and not confuse people

    • Hello Victoria,

      Thank you for stopping by. The best way to clearly use one website for both business and personal is having different categories with the right title.
      Create specific categories of what your audience wants and specific categories for personal purposes.

  4. Hi Maryam, Happy new year, I started blogging late last year and i don’t seem to be having traffic outside my shared posts( I mean shares through personal sharing through FB or I.G etc) no external traffic asides that and my blog doesn’t even come up on Google search, what am i doing wrong or what am I supposed to do that I haven’t done?

    • Hello June,

      Happy New Year to you too. You are not doing anything wrong. I think you are just too in a hurry to see BIG results. Blogging is a game of patience. It takes lots of work and a long time to get your blog to pop-up on Google. Like you said, you started blogging late last year, I think you should just continue creating content and putting in the work, don’t focus on numbers too much at this stage.

      Concerning traffic, You just need to make use of social platforms especially to share your post. It is great you are already sharing on IG and Facebook. Use other platforms such as Twitter, Join bloggers groups on Facebook (Thebloggerpoint has one: Search Thebloggerpoint on Facebook) and other groups. Collaborate with bloggers within your level in blogging to help each other grow.

      Major point: Just continue creating great content.

      Hope that helps, let me know if it does or you need further advice.

  5. Hi Maryam, happy new year. I wish you an amazing year. Followed the bloggerpoint blog for a while and you are doing a great job I must say. I don’t have a blog yet, looking to creating mine. I need your expert opinion still, how do you get people to write a post on your blog about their experience on something or a topic that you feel would interest your blog readers ? How do such collaborations work ? I know people won’t just write a post because you ask them to, it has to be a symbiotic relationship. Can you please shed more light on the dynamics.

    • Hello Tolu,

      I will assume this is a “Guest posting” you are trying to refer to.

      Guest post is when a person writes an article on someone else’s blog. The person doesn’t have to be a blogger. This sort of collaboration will often require you to reach out to either fellow bloggers and demand if they would like to guest post on your blog in return for a link back to their blog. Or you can collaborate with another blogger for “Collaboration”.

      Another way will be to reach out to writers and demand if they would like to guest-post on your blog.

      Any route you decide to follow, you need to consider what the other person writing on your blog has to benefit. What can you/your blog offer the person in return? As most people won’t write for “FREE”, there needs to be an incentive.

  6. Hi Darling Maryam. I want to start blogging soon but I don’t want to spend any amount of cash to create a blog website. Which website will you recommend for me to use. Thank u XOXO

    • Hello Ruquee,

      I suppose you want to know which platform to start your blog on. Well, WordPress is the leading platform for bloggers, I would recommend them as they are the best (Personally, I think it is very easy to set up to compared to other platforms). Hope I replied to your question.

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