Maryam Salam is the founder and chief-editor of She studied BA Fashion Marketing and Branding Degree (Business Dev) at Nottingham Trent University, the UK in 2016 and currently completing her MSc degree in Entrepreneurship & International Business while working as a part-time stylist at Karen Millen. She has collaborated and worked with several brands both in Nigeria and abroad such as ASOS, Next, Accessorize, Maju, Grass-field etc.

If she isn’t busy running around for meetings/shopping her next style content pieces. Maryam can be found creating fashion contents or working on developing business strategies for small and upcoming businesses. You can catch up with her personal fashion style and lifestyle in general here.You can also get in touch with her through mail: or on social media @itsmaryamsalam (Instagram)

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222 Blog Post Ideas That Will Drive Traffic To Your Blog [2018 Blog Post Ideas Recap]

Generating consistent blog post ideas isn’t easy and It takes mastering the secret of ‘content generation‘ to consistently produce contents that will make your regular readers come back and attract new people that will remain loyal to your blog for months. Personally, it took me a couple of years to master how to consistently generate “high quality” contents. And, also create “eye-catching” contents for my…

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2018: A Quick Review Of The Year [Finally, Opening Up About What Really Happened…]

My year started with the second semester of my post-graduate degree. Heck, yes, I have been studying since September …CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

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Guys! A SHORT LOVE STORY… It’s been a long time since I posted on here. Life took over and I just allowed it to shape this new phase of my life. Before diving into today’s post, I wanted to show you this lovely sport-chic style shoot I did with blogger-babe @jenniferamani the other day. Green isn’t my go-to colour but these shades of green are…

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Monthly Post: 30 Blog Post Ideas For November

Blog post ideas for November October was such a busy month for me. I struggled to be consistent not because I didn’t have inspiration but because I had so much stuff going on for me. It’s a new month and I can’t believe we have less than 60 days before the end of 2018. If you missed the October blog post idea’s, click here to…

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Fashion: My Thoughts On Some Designers Collection At Lagos Fashion Week 2018

Lagos Fashion Week 2018 Although, I missed this year LFW2018 but I religiously followed the shows via social media. And a big shout-out to some bloggers that took it upon themselves to really cover the event. I wish they gave them better seats and most especially considered bloggers/Influencers attending the show for better coverage. One would think such an event should prioritise bloggers and influencers…

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