Blogger Boss of the week is Hafsah from

Pic via @hafymo Instagram

Blogger Boss of the week is Hafsah from

Hello, Guys and Happy Friday. Blogger Boss of the week is Hafymo from

She is a modest, minimalist and stylish blogger and definitely looks like a boss in almost all the outfits she slays in. She makes looking modest so stylish and inspirational. Her pictures are so captivating, and stunning. Hafymo is a platform that contains contents like Fashion, Lifestyle, Faith and definitely beauty and did you know hafymo is not just a style blogger but also a youtube as well creating visual contents like vlogs, beauty related, how to style a scarf and so much more. Just in case you wondering where to check her out start on her site and Instagram  @hafymo. Judging by the pictures down below she is definitely a Girl Boss.

Thanks for stopping by lovelies, you too can be blogger boss of the week. Leave your blog link and Instagram handle in the comment section.




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Hello, I’m Benita James, Self-driven, goal-oriented and disciplined when it comes to getting things done. In Russia currently studying, definitely not in English medium but in the Russian language. I did a lot of international beauty pageants here and a few modeling but it didn’t really keep me grounded until last year late June when I finally decided to start my own Style blog ( ) There I talk about everything in between, style, lifestyle, brands, I sometimes vent but its life. Truth be told, when I started my blog last year I spoke with my sister about how we didn’t have a blogging platform for bloggers in Nigeria to come together, lo and behold then came TBP, right timing. Then a few months later they were in search of Interns, I applied, got accepted and this is me here, the Facebook Manager. I’m really looking forward to what TBP offers in the long run cause in already few months we have achieved a lot. [Joined TBP in 2017]

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