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Want to work with me (Fashionbydaisy/Maryam Salam)?

Personal Instagram: @itsmaryamsalam

Hello, I really appreciate that you love my style and what I do. I am very open and ready to work with you if your brand aligns with my audience, aesthetics, and quality to achieve your brand goal and reach a wide audience to extend your brand awareness.

How I work

I pride myself on honest opinion and great quality in all my collaborations, this is the reason why I am very open and true to my audience because this is what they appreciate. For these reasons, I take my time and pay extra attention to every detail when working with companies.

I work based on monetary (Payment), PEFP (Product Exchange For Post) or negotiation. Sponsored content, affiliate link, brand ambassador, campaign or modelling.

*Possibility to travel based on agreement

Portfolio (Brands I’ve worked with +Link to collaboration post )

Grass-field, Caseapp, Aily handbags, Happy socks, PDS_bychinnie, WearallTobiIndulgence, EgoSketch, Katie Wang, Inighi, Black OpalMaison Mimi, Belois Couture, Shop MajuLagoniassa, Gazelle London, L’aviye, AccessoriesASOSNEXTLuxemme, Soulmade, Zaful, Rosegal, Jewelry, Luxemme, 

What are you waiting for? Are you excited? Well, I am because I can’t wait to work with you. Email me at:


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