Buzz: Would You Try A Minimalism Lifestyle?

Video source: Buzzfeed

Would You Try A Minimalism Lifestyle?

I talked about watching a Minimalism lifestyle documentary on my Insta-story yesterday and few people requested for the video.

I personally find it very interesting and ever since, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I feel like I want to really integrate Minimalism into my lifestyle for many reasons such as reducing unnecessary purchase, smarter investment etc but I love too many things which will definitely be a big problem.

What do you think? COMMENT BELOW, LET’S DISCUSS!

I love unplanned post.

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  1. Hello darling,am already switching to that lifestyle and I must say I love it,everything gets really orderly,you get to save more and live Amb elegant life after all am doing sure you’ll fall in love with how clean your space would look.

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