Brand Crush Of The Week: Elora Collection

Elora Collection

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Here is a Monday read on the brand of the week.

The brand of the week goes to the Elora collection founded by Hafsah Mohammed (@hafymo on Instagram)

The Elora Collection is a fashion brand that is centred around modesty.

As stated on their about page, they take pride in providing modest fashion for women from a wide range of backgrounds, culture, ages and occupations very affordable prices.

I personally am very proud of this brand as it has grown so much from when it first started.

When I first noticed this brand, they mainly sold abayas and scarves but now, this brand has expanded to tops, jumpsuits, dresses, skirts, pants, co-ords and African prints.

flora collection , the blogger point

Within a year of its launch, the Elora brand has obtained over 7,500+ followers.

Although it is based in Nigeria, they also ship worldwide which takes 5-7 days depending on the product and location.

Prices of their products range from 3 to 26 thousand Naira.

flora collection

They currently still have a 30% off Black Friday sale.

Go check them out.


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