It’s another week and another Thursday is on it’s way – So what does that mean to us here at TBP? *Drum roll* Another Hot Topic Thursday!

So far we’ve had a lot of our wonderful bloggers logging in and joining the conversation on a weekly basis and each week we have new voices on the forum! So for today’s recap, I decided I’ll show you just how much we appreciate your input and have a few shout outs and incorporate some of your thoughts into today’s post!

Last week’s Hot Topic was


Mide Adeoti was of the opinion that “… no matter where you are, if you are creative and passionate enough, you can definitely make it work”. However, Oyeyiola Anne felt that “The location of your blog affecting your blog activities… depends on your niche…” and Jubril felt the same way stating that the society can also play a strong role in determining the success of your blog as it all boils down to people actually being interested in your blog. None the less, he did mention that it doesn’t mean you can’t build a large following wherever you are “… but it might come harder, because people will need to be convinced (about) how good your are delivering your posts” and you know what, I agree with all the points stated.

It greatly depends on what you blog about and how you deliver your content but if you find yourself in a not-so-ideal situation and can bring yourself to just think outside the box you can make any location work for you. It  might just mean you putting in a little more effort than others but whatever’s worth doing is worth doing well right?

Some other very good points raised by other bloggers were the fact that

“… the location of a blogger (may) affect his/her opportunities but not necessarily his/her content. Most bloggers center around fashion and lifestyle of which we can draw local inspiration and run a successful blog in Nigeria. I will say however that because there are legions of more successful fashion brands in England and the America, a blogger may be open to more opportunities …” (Onyekachi Opara)

“… Lagos seems to be the center of all things(blog related; meetups, forum, hair events and opportunity to meet other bloggers and people. However, I have been able to overcome this problem slightly by focusing on the niches that are easier for me to blog about. I understand if a chance arises for the other topics I have in mind, it would be utilized. Uniqueness should be a feature on each person’s blog.” (Oyindamola)

All very valid points and definitely worth sharing but we’ll still love to hear what you think? Do you have a different opinion? Let us know using the comment box below but don’t forget to Join us every Thursday at 7pm to discuss the topic of the week while it’s still Hot!

Demi x



  1. June 2, 2016 / 12:22 am

    I don’t think your location affects your blogging. A good blogger can always find a way to it. Except if your location is the only reason you can’t post, due to network issues bit other than that, I believe bloggers should always have their way around it.

  2. Chelsea
    June 30, 2016 / 6:54 pm

    I definitely think that being in certain areas like Lagos in Nigeria, London in the UK or LA in the USA gives you a blogging edge; you can attend a lot more events, meet many more people in your field and create more effective collaborations! This doesn’t mean you won’t be a successful blogger, it just means you have to work that more diligently x

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